It is very important that you find a counsellor you feel comfortable with.

This is one of the reasons I offer the first session at a reduced fee of £30 (excluding couple counselling).

You are under no obligation – there will be no follow up calls from me.

If you have any doubts you are free to walk away with no hard feelings.

You must be the judge as to whether or not a counsellor or therapist is right for you – trust your own instincts on this.

  • Ask yourself if you feel safe with your counsellor?

  • Do you like their attitude or manner toward you?

  • Do you trust them?

  • Can you be open with them?

Remember the first session is at reduced fee of £40 (excluding couple counselling), so that you can come along and explore how you feel about counselling and to see if it feels the right way forward for you – no obligation.