I try to keep my fees as reasonable as possible and within most peoples’ means.  It is always best to discuss fees with your counsellor at the very first session.  This allows you to budget for future sessions.

No-one likes to discuss money, but if you are open and honest with your counsellor right from the start, a fee can be negotiated that feels right for your financial circumstances.  The going rate for counselling is £50 to £100 per hour. 

My fees are: –

Individual Counselling~ FIRST SESSION – REDUCED FEE OF £40 ~thereafter £50 p/h
Couple Counselling ~ FIRST SESSION – REDUCED FEE OF £60 ~ thereafter £70 per hour


This is ideal if you have a tight schedule with work or domestic commitments or have a long way to travel. It can also be suitable if you are disabled or have a long-term condition that limits your capacity to travel.  Some mothers prefer to schedule telephone counselling around their family and child care arrangements. Telephone counselling may be a more convenient way for you to have access to counselling.

Telephone Counselling Session – £40

(Payment required for telephone counselling in advance please – this can be arranged at booking)

Counselling Supervision

I offer supervision to students of counselling and qualified counsellors.

I can offer a supportive environment in which to help you contemplate your casework, coursework or accreditation.

My Supervisory style is to invite you to reflect upon what’s going well; what works; and how to create more of it.

This is based on strengths based change or ‘Appreciative Enquiry’ developed by Julie Barnes.


£45 per hour